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~~Caring For Your New Puppy~~

What You Need to Know To Care For Your New Puppy

Once you take your puppy home there are a few things you will need to know. Your puppy needs a nice soft bed, some fun toys, a leash and a harness, preferred over a collar which can slip over the puppy's head. You will need to purchase puppy food and a dish for water and food. Tiny puppies need to eat often. You will need to make sure your puppy eats several times throughout the day, or the preferred option is leaving the food out all the time. Water, of course, should be available all the time. Try not to give treats in large amounts and people food can sometimes make your puppy very sick, so please don't give it to your puppy.

To continue to potty train your puppy you will need puppy pads or newspaper and a puppy gate. The puppy gate is so you can confine your puppy to a safe area. This is for you as well as for the puppy. This will keep your puppy safe when you are not around and keep your carpets safe from accidents as well!

Your puppy will need to be brushed about once a week to keep its hair from becoming tangled or matted. Your puppy will need to have its nails and hair clipped every so often, both of these can be done by a professional groomer a few times a year.

Take a good look around your home. Look down low where your puppy will be. Look for electrical cords and things your puppy could chew on or even choke on.

Train your puppy not to run out the front door, especially if you have children going in and out. Your puppy could be hurt outside. In your backyard, they can fit through really tiny openings, so be ready for that too.

Be careful letting your puppy on the furniture. If a puppy jumps off onto a hard floor they can be injured.

Your puppy will need to finish its puppy vaccinations as your vet recommends. When you go to the vet, take your puppy's shot record with you. Your puppy will need to see the vet about once a year after its puppy vaccinations are completed. When you are at the vet you will need to discuss flea treatment. Nextguard is a good product for fleas. It is a pill you give your puppy once a month.

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