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About me, Puppies for sale, & Meet the Parents


Welcome to Bianca's Yorkies (and Pomeranians!) I am located in San Antonio and I would like to thank you for visiting my website. I take great pride in my adorable puppies and in finding them loving homes, I have some of the cutest puppies you will find! On this page are photos of my adults and puppies I have for sale. 


 I register my Yorkie puppies with Continental Kennel Club (CKC). My puppies are potty pad trained and will also have a checkup at the vet and have their first puppy set of vaccinations. They will also have their tails docked, and dew claws removed by my veterinarian before going to their new homes. 


My granddaughter with one of the Yorkie puppies.​​


**This is Cutie Pie! ** She is one of my moms and she only weighs 3 pounds and

4 ounces! She is a very small Yorkie. She does have the short body that is very popular. 

**This is Blue**He is the daddy of some of my Yorkie puppies. He is also a very small Yorkie,  weighing only 4 pounds

This is Olivia.  She weighs  6 pounds. 


*This is Violet.  She weighs about 9 pounds.* 

*This is Razzle, he is

the Dad of some of my Yorkie

puppies, and he

weighs 5 pounds. He did need a haircut in the top photos!*

*This is Bunny. She

is a super small Yorkie,

weighing only 

3.5 pounds. She is one

of my Moms*

This is Raya, she is one of my Yorkie moms and she only weighs 4 pounds.

This is Branch, he is one of the dads for the Pomeranian puppies, h​e

weighs about 13 pounds! 

This is Ava.

She is the mom of the

Pomeranian babies and

she weighs

 11 pounds.   

This is Izzy, she is a Pomeranian and she is one of my moms. She is very tiny weighing only 6 pounds.

This is Gizmo, he is the dad of some of the Pomeranians. He only weighs 4 pounds. He is so tiny and so fluffy!

Here are some pics of the last Pomeranian litter when they were little. 

People always ask "Why are your puppies so expensive?" There are so many reasons.

One is the ever-increasing price of top-notch veterinary care. There are checkups, vaccines, dental cleanings, blood work, health testing, puppy tail docking and checkups, flea and heartworm preventative, supplements, X-rays and sonograms on pregnant moms, just to name a few of the costs involved. There is always a chance of a c-section and assisted birthing being required. There are many days before the mom goes into labor that I can’t take my eyes off of her for more than an hour, incase she was to go into labor. Often, she requires help with that labor. There is the money that goes into breeding stock. There is providing a clean and comfortable place for the dogs and puppies to live, along with toys, beds, lots of grooming fees, and other daily items. I spare no expense for my dogs, and once you realize that one female can only breed once or possibly twice per year and most likely will only have 2 puppies, maybe even only 1, You can see that it is hard to even break even in the end. When you purchase one of my puppies you must remember that I have already spent a good amount of money on veterinary care for the mother and the puppy, and that is reflected in the price.

Having a litter of puppies takes a considerable amount of my time and independence from my life, and I don’t get very much sleep. I pretty much cancel my life for those 8 weeks once the puppies are born, and the preceding two weeks before the birth. Everything is put on hold when there are puppies. I can only be gone for short periods of time, as mom and babies require much care and watching over. My puppies pretty much don’t leave my sight from the time they are born until they go to their new homes. I must monitor their nursing, their health, their activity level, how much they sleep. Sometimes I must spend the night sleeping on the floor by their pen so I can watch them through the night. I work my butt off for these moms and dads and babies to make sure you get a healthy, well-adjusted baby to take home, these puppies are my passion!

My hope is that people who are willing to pay for one of my puppies will provide a very good home. That they have thought long and hard, researched and read about Yorkies and Pomeranians before deciding on a new puppy, and the puppy they purchase will be worth every single penny. Not just anyone can walk up, pick up a Yorkie or Pomeranian and take it home. They are high maintenance, fragile, tender and the best emotional investment for the right family which is priceless!

The End!!

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